Plumbing Services

Providing a full range of renovation and alteration services… from fixture replacements standard water heater installs tank less water heaters radiant Heating, pumping, septic systems water lines renovations Remodeling Tenant Fit Outs new construction projects… we can install and/or renovate commercial, industrial facilities as well as re-pipe complete buildings. Each Mechanic is trained and supervised and is qualified in more than just the basics. They are knowledgeable consultants as well and know the full spectrum of plumbing installations, fixture installs and more in compliance with the UPC Universal Plumbing Code 2015 and Town requirements.

EMS knowledgeable Mechanics know the full spectrum of Plumbing Services and can do the Job for Customer For your HOME can offer a full range of Services from fixture replacements, standard water heater installs, Tankless Water Heaters and more.